About AMSOIL, Inc.

AMSOIL, Inc. was the very first company in the United States to market synthetic oil for automobiles years before many of the other synthetic oils you see in the stores now. While the other oil companies are trying to figure out how to get the cheapest way to meet an oil specification, AMSOIL only tries to exceed it and negotiates cost later. Do you want to sell an oil that likes to do nothing but spend all of their profits on marketing their oil instead of focusing on it becoming the best? Or do you want to market an oil proven via ASTM testing to be the absolute best fully synthetic oil money can buy?

Quality and Performance

Our principles

We are committed to providing the highest quality synthetic oil that delivers exceptional performance for your vehicle. Our products are engineered to exceed industry standards and provide superior protection and efficiency.

Innovation and Pioneering

As the first company to introduce synthetic oil to the market, we continue to lead the way in innovation and pioneering advancements in lubrication technology. Our dedication to research and development ensures that our products stay ahead of the competition.

Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and promoting sustainability. Our synthetic oils are designed to extend drain intervals, reducing waste and conserving resources. By choosing AMSOIL, you are making a responsible choice for both your vehicle and the planet.